Leading automotive OEMs worldwide use the Cisco Jasper IoT cloud platform, Control Center, to easily manage connected vehicle services on a global scale. Automate provisioning and operations, maximize up-time with real-time monitoring and diagnostics, and control costs with split billing and rapid roll out of new services.

Optimize how you manage the connected cars service lifecycle:  From manufacturing and logistics, to sales and post-sales, managing services for the connected car life-cycle can be challenging and costly. Automotive OEMs worldwide choose Control Center to quickly launch, manage and monetize connected cars services throughout the vehicle lifespan with powerful tools to automate operations, optimize service reliability, and control costs.

Manufacturing: Ensure components work perfectly upfront by testing connectivity for all units from your Tier 1 suppliers during assembly. Choose a global-ready SIM and provision the correct operator settings for each country. Manage costs by using your services platform to control connectivity based on service policies and vehicle states.

Transportation logistics: Prepare connected vehicles to arrive in sell-ready condition using Control Center to remotely test connectivity of built-in sensors. Automated rules make it easy to verify battery levels, tire pressure, and overall vehicle state in transit without the worry of SIM tampering or in-car service overuse.

Sales process: Drive sales at the dealership with compelling connected car experiences. Control Center helps you optimize showroom demos while controlling costs. Remote provisioning lets you activate connected vehicle services on arrival, lock out services at night to prevent overuse or unauthorized access, even trigger alerts when data limits are met.

Build a profitable recurring-revenue connected cars service business for the post-sales lifetime of every vehicle. Deliver remarkable service with a platform that enables free trials, operator-billed services, and usage-level controlled services. Support complex business models with split billing.

FEATURES: Optimize your connected cars business with Control Center

>> Create compelling customer experiences and grow your bottom line with a powerful platform to easily manage connected car services around the globe. Control Center gives you the power to optimize vehicle connectivity and service reliability with automated rules and 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics. Cost- effective billing and rapid scaling help you quickly expand to new markets.

>> Automation Use set-and-forget automation to configure business rules and establish standards for how your connected cars services behave throughout the vehicle lifecycle. 

>> Real-time diagnostics Maximize up-time for vehicle connectivity and service performance with real-time visibility and rapid troubleshooting.

>> Split billing Divide vehicle connectivity costs between multiple billing partners to support complex business models, enable free service trials, and offload costs associated with vehicle connectivity usage.

>> Global scale Use Control Center to configure your connected cars services once, then scale out for each new mobile operator to expand to new countries quickly and affordably. Embed a global SIM during manufacturing and deploy as a local SIM in each country. 

BENEFITS: Control Center accelerates your connected cars business: 

>> Deliver cost-effective, globally scalable connected car services using the industry-leading cloud-based platform from Cisco Jasper. Control Center gives you the power to automate and optimize every stage of the connected car services lifecycle, to consistently provide winning customer experiences while controlling costs.

>> Innovate for exceptional service Choose the connected car service platform that makes it easy to launch new services, optimize service reliability, and rapidly detect and resolve issues to keep your customers happy.

>> Reduce operational costs Maximize ROI for connected vehicles by managing your spend, budgeting accurately, and ensuring your connected car services operate at the lowest possible cost. 

>> Achieve greater profitability Increase revenue with split billing to support complex business models and multiple vendors, use automated rules to optimize services and usage rates, and rapidly scale services to quickly reach new markets.