FIAT keeps in touch and in front with a managed BT IP Connect global wide area network.

FIAT Group had grown from strength to strength in over 40 countries. But a tangle of different networks and service providers left Gilberto Ceresa with traffic congestion.

To free his organisation for further global expansion, he wanted just one network and one company to take care of it all. So he called in BT.

Now, BT IP Connect global and a BT outsourcing team keep FIAT Group connected, worldwide, night and day. That means Gilberto and his people can keep their eyes set on what they’re best at: engineering class-leading cars and trucks.

The BT outsourcing solution has allowed FIAT Group companies to focus on core business and deliver efficiency gains and productivity improvement without needing to worry about the IT environment.” - Gilberto Ceresa, CIO, FIAT Group


FIAT Group is Italy’s largest industrial enterprise. It makes cars, trucks, tractors, marine and aeronautical engines, and space launchers. Worldwide it employs over 180,000 people in five operating companies.

The company was keen to boost its manufacturing speed and competitive edge with a new global IT and communications infrastructure. It also wanted to cut out the complexities and costs of working with more than 100 service providers and seven legacy networks. It turned to BT for one simple answer.

Gilberto Ceresa, CIO, FIAT Group, explains: “In 2005 we decided to re-focus our resources on our core business activities and chose to outsource all of the Group’s business-critical communication services to a global provider. We selected BT because of its global reach and its successful track record in managing networked IT services for major corporations around the world.”


With BT IP Connect global, networked IT services reach more than five-hundred FIAT locations in 40 countries. Known as the FIAT Unified Network (FUN) it connects developed countries like Italy and Australia with emerging countries like China, India, and Brazil across five continents.

Telephony is part of the BT remit too, provided both directly and through other carriers. So are internet access services, telephone systems, and local LANs. And teamwork between BT and FIAT is helping business transformation projects, with innovations like audio and video conferencing, IP telephony, and flexible working. 

FIAT customers gain as well. The company has switched from running its own international customer service centre to a contact centre hosted and staffed by BT people in Italy. With 470 workstations, this supports customers’ enquiries by phone, email, video, fax, and online. Inbound calls arrive through BT Inbound Contact, and BT call distribution sends each one straight to the best-qualified agent.


FIAT Group has simultaneously cut costs and improved customer service. The contact centre is hosted and managed by BT, so FIAT had no big set-up costs to pay. Open six days a week, the centre welcomes customers in 12 languages, answering 875,000 inbound calls and 45,000 emails a year. The international call bill is now lower as well, again through BT Inbound Contact. BT takes care of all maintenance and upgrades too.

IP calls add to these savings. They travel over the FUN network and so avoid national and international call charges. Conference calls and video conferences help cut down on wasted time and travel costs and encourage more international teamwork. And FIAT Group people can get more done and enjoy a better work life balance by working at home and on the move with the help of BT MobileXpress.

In Europe FIAT car dealers have benefited directly from the Group’s new approach to IT networking too. BT has built a new network to link them to each other and to FUN. This means they can take advantage of corporate resources, like the Group’s advanced CRM tools, to give their own customers an even better experience.

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